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TWX is a game which takes place in the Star Control universe. Currently, development focuses on support of scriptable combat missions, supporting a large battle area and a large number of ships. Focus is entirely on combat with pre-defined fleets and goals; building new ships is not supported.

This is an important step on the way to create an RTS and/or exploration game set in the star control 2 universe, but that's still a long way off.

The TWX project has some history to it, originally it was intended to become an adventure game like SC2 (and it still can become one, some day). Further reading : background info, progress, planning, to-do list, credits.

Screen shots

Screen shots from a few missions:

mission 1 Yehat attacking a fleet of VUX Intruders.
mission 3 Syreen being stalked by Umgah.
mission 4 Earthlings desperately defending a star base.
mission 10 Just some huge battle.


Before you donwload this game, please take some time to sign this petition, which could help Toys for Bob to convince their bosses to create a sequel to Star Control.

The mission set. This is a window-only version, and has a size of about 11 MB. This is a playable game, where one can play a few missions. It is also possible to write one's own mission.

Note, that only windows/ pentium compatible platforms are supported. This will remain so, until someone joins who'd like to tweak the game code to support other platforms (the libraries used already support different platforms).


The code is based on the timewarp engine, although it's been significantly modified.

It uses the following libraries: allegro, a 2d-graphics engine; lua, a scripting language; audiere, a general sound file player (which includes the dumb library, a mod player); freetype, a font library; raknet, a multiplayer library; mersennetwister, a random generator.

Game links

You can give feedback or ask questions on our forum. The forum is also the place to look for the latest announcements.

The Timewarp sourceforge project page, where one can find the Timewarp package. The timewarp forums, where you can also find the forums of the Public Plot Initiative.

The TW-light berlios project page; an adventure implementation based on the timewarp code.

The Public Plot Initiative.

All about Star Control.

The Ur-Quan Masters, the upgrade project for starcontrol 2. You can also find links to other projects on their forums. It is being actively developed.

Toys for bob:

The UrQuan Remasters by Bioslayer. It is being actively developed.

The Aftermath by Madgap. It looks like this project is on hold for a while.

The StarConRPG site, for Role Playing Games in the StarControl universe.

Music links

At one can find a large collection of free mods.

Pinion's sites: (pHluid) and (ACiD)

Minomus' site:

Precuror's site:

Kaktuskaffe's site:

Other links.

I'm using NVU to edit html files (previously I used another program).

Help/ participation.

To coders: If you would like to make a small contribution, you are welcome to send me comments or additions to the code. People are also welcome to join the project as developers. There's one requirement: don't be impatient, as the time table of this projects is measured in years;, not months. I'm also maintaining a DOXY help-file - it will help to understand the game code since it gives an overview of the most important classes used in the game - you can also ask for help on the forums, or by mail.

To artists: always welcome, be prepared to enter a relaxed, slow-paced project.

Also note, that this project is subject to an open-source license: as such, all copies of art work included in the main distribution will be subject to the Artistic License.


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