Some history.

TWX is based on the project Star Control: Timewarp, and was founded in 2003 by GeomanNL, Tau, UAF, Flubbo and Bandit Angel.

Tau focused on website and setting up the project on sourceforge.

GeomanNL does the coding.

UAF, Flubbo and Bandit Angel worked on the story. Plot design was ended in end 2004.

Clear Spindle joined in may 2004 and added some neat planet graphics and alien lifeforms.

The original goal was, to create an adventure in the style of Star Control 2. As time progressed, Flubbo and Bandit Angel left the TWX project and focused their attention on a new StarconRPG game. Tau left too. UAF continued working on the story, but codewise, the project turned out to be too complicated and the project was halted. UAF returned to Timewarp with the plot.

After a period of inactivity, I (GeomanNL) decided to rewrite the existing code into an RTS game.



GeomanNL, Tau, UAF, Flubbo, BanditAngel, Clear Spindle. Logo Background by Maim.