TWX - planning:

The project is divided the project into managable chunks, each of which I intend to finish. Once a sub-target is finished, it'll be discarded in favor of the next step.

Step 0: the origin of the project, is my participation in Star Control: Timewarp. It's got a fully functional melee engine suited for 1:1 combat. [mentioned for historical reason; joined Timewarp in march 2002 and left in about dec. 2003, and a few excursions back to timewarp in mid 2004 and the period of march 2005 till october 2005]

Step 0b: Attempt to create an adventure. That was too ambitious and failed because the engine had some major lacks at a basic level, in order to accomodate a game like this. [dec.2003 - stopped september 2004]

Step 1: mission pack. Separate game, adds generalized N:N combat and generalized ship/fleet AI to melee, in addition to several other generalizations and code replacements/optimizations. [started januari 2005; continued januari 2006]

Step 2: Real Time Strategy. Separate game, adds strategic map and race AI, plus map, fleet and simple resource management.

Step 3: Adventure. Separate game, and the original aim of the project, adds adventure layer (revive old code from step 0b). Logo Background by Maim.