7/3/2006 Changed the license for twx into the Artistic License, which is more reasonable for art contributions. This license also applies to the code. All releases up to this point have been deleted, because they contain a few music files in them are not licensed, and basically, those copies are illegal.

20/2/2006 The release contains a lot of bugs, and I'm working on fixing them. I'm afraid I released a few weeks too soon.

16/2/2006 Made a release with a reasonably working AI, and a few small scripted missions.

26/1/2006 After a long hiatus because of work on Timewarp and Real Life: optimizing code, testing ships and ai, debugging and tying up several loose ends.

1/2/2005. Back to work.

28/8/2004. New release, contains the beginnings of new AI, and a few improvements.

23/8/2004. Change in project goal: work on the story is abandoned and focus is now entirely on the engine.

13/5/2004. Bug fix, and solar system mode is improved; the next step will be improving the dialog editor, probably followed by ship ai.

8/4/2004. Clear Spindle has joined the team; he's making graphics.

4/4/2004. The current download contains some bugs, and doesn't show the full range of possibilities that are already supported. The next release will fix this (I think..). I got word from UAF that he's done a lot of work on the plot recently. We'll start on refining the dialog editor soon. Logo Background by Maim.