TWX - todo list, and how can one contribute:

Map generation.

Need to write a better random map generator. Need to update/restore system editing capability. Also, need to restore the star map, hyperspace and planet view, subgames.


Need to write a race AI - something which defines some kind of (stupid) behaviour on a big star map.

Weapon code.

Include more weapon code: this code can be taken from timewarp and rewritten so that it's useable by ships in twx.

Care must be taken that the ship AI will be able to handle the new weapons; this isn't easy.


Needs server. Based on raknet technology.

Multiplayer implementation is currently basic and non-functional. Needs to be (re)written.


Need to add, and test savegame subroutines. Need to check if script information can be saved in some binary savegame file. Logo Background by Maim.